The DJAM course packages

DJAM offers three different course packages and main subject lessons.

Course Package 1 (all subjects excl. main subject lessons)

The concept of a DJAM education is best represented by the combination of courses in this package. It includes all the theoretical and practical lessons (excluding the main subject lessons).
If you choose this package, you will have 4 or 5 hours of lessons a week. In addition there will be about 10-15 hours of homework a week.
We usually advise students to choose this package, though it sometimes makes sense to choose one of the other ones.

Course Package 2 (only the supporting subjects)

This package, consisting of ear-training, theory, improvisation, rhythm and APM, is useful for people who only want to improve their ear-training and theory.
Those choosing course package 2 will have 1,5-2,5 hours of lessons a week, depending on their level. In addition, there will be about 5-10 hours of homework a week.

Course Package 3 (only the combo classes)

This package consists of combo lessons only and is useful for students who are advanced in ear-training and theory but want to increase their practical experience. Course package 3 will take 1,5 to 3 hours of lessons a week, depending on the student's level. Homework will take about 5-10 hours a week.
To be eligible for package 3, the student must show sufficient ability in ear-training and theory during the entrance exam.

Main Subject Lessons

Experience shows that main subject lessons benefit the progress of your studies because they are closely tied to the other courses offered at DJAM. We therefore advise you to take main subject courses through DJAM.

Main subject lessons are optional; however, we reserve the right to give priority to those students who choose to take main subject lessons.

The time required for homework with main subject lessons (one lesson a week) varies because the main subject and combo lessons are closely linked. The time you spend practicing on your combo repertoire will simultaneously improve your playing ability. And vice versa: the regular training of your voice/playing ability during the main subject lessons will result in considerably less effort in preparing for the combo lessons.

The cost for main subject lessons is not included in the course package fee.

Please note: It is difficult to give an estimate of the number of hours that will need to be spent doing homework. This amount depends on various factors, such as the package you choose, your study tempo and your ability to study effectively.