Entrance exam/admission

The DJAM entrance exams will be held from June through November. Anyone can sign up for the entrance exam. You can do this here on our website.

Please note: due to a limited amount of study places we advise you to do the exam in June. There’s also a better chance to take your preferences into consideration when drawing up the schedules.

One condition for admission is that we recognize in the student a natural musical ability. No special skills or theoretical knowledge are needed to be accepted. Because DJAM’s program is divided into five levels, we are able to place each student in a group appropriate to his or her level of skill. We also look for the right motivation and attitude in each applicant. Group sessions inevitably require a certain flexibility and cooperation. The entrance exam consists of a music theory exam and an audition. Both parts of the exam are sceduled on the same day but at different times.

The theoretical part

Group session, duration: 45 min.
The theoretical part is a written exam covering various topics of music theory. This exam gets harder as you go along but you only have to fill in what you know.

The audition

Individual session, duration: 45 min.
For the audition, we ask you to prepare two of your favorite jazz standards; otherwise, just perform a piece of music in any style you are comfortable playing. DJAM teachers will provide the accompaniment. Finally, keeping in mind your level, we will test your musical ear, improvisation and your rhythmic sense.

There’s no need to be nervous since the purpose isn’t to get a high score. The point is to figure out on what level you belong. The results are usually announced right after the exam.

Those accepted into the program will receive a registration form which serves as an official contract valid for the duration of one school year.

If you decide to join DJAM, fill out and sign the registration form and return it to us. By signing this form, you are accepting the accompanying obligations.