Prospects After DJAM


After successfully completing the theory courses at level 3 (phase 1), level advanced 2 (phase 2) and combo level advanced you will receive a diploma containing the results of all courses you took at DJAM. With these diplomas, we are stating our confidence in your ability to hold your own at a high musical level.

Naturally we cannot guarantee you any study places at or diplomas from other institutions, we would like to elaborate on two important prospects.


Please note: taking the Vakexams is not possible at the moment, we advise you to keep up to date with the latest developments via the internet.

If your ambition is to take the Vakexamen Lichte Muziek, then you can count on DJAM to give you guidance with this goal in mind. When a student passes the advanced level at DJAM, it means that we consider him/her to have a proper basis to pass these exams in the same courses. Given the amount and diversity of materials concerning the exams be prepared to take some extra lessons, though. At DJAM you can get tuition in all the for the exams necessary subjects with the exception of didactics and history of music

Entering a Conservatory

If you plan to take the entrance exam for a conservatory, then you should be qualified, in terms of music theory, after completing DJAM level 2. The exam also depends on your level of your instrument. Regarding your playing ability, you can count on responsible guidance from your DJAM main subject teachers.

An important factor is, which conservatory you are applying for. Some institutes have a higher entrance level than others. Also, due to mergings and/or economizing within different institutes or because of changes made by the government it is possible that the amount of students admitted can change from year to year.