The teachers

Our instructors are carefully chosen for their ability to teach with dedication and enjoyment. All are highly educated (graduates of various conservatories) and are very experienced teachers. They all are part of the Dutch and European music scene, have recorded cd’s and can be listened to at various clubs and festivals in Holland and elsewhere. Since the teachers at DJAM work closely together, the various courses are highly compatible.

Watch performances of the DJAM teachers combo on [Youtube].

The teachers at DJAM currently are:

Franc auf dem Brinke [website] drums main subject
Gerard Kleijn [website] trumpet main subject
Matthias Konrad [website] trombone main subject
Wolfgang Maiwald [website] piano main subject
Florian Hierdeis (website) guitar main subject, combo
Joost van Son [website] akkordeon main subject
Sven Schuster [website] (contra)bass main subject, combo
Ilse Huizinga [website] voice main subject
Jens Lima Dos Santos [website] piano main subject, combo
Jeroen Bohan [website] guitar main subject, supporting subjects
Tiago Lageira [website] guitar main subject
Iman Spaargaren [website] saxophone main subject
Henriette Andersen [website] voice main subject
Annemieke Kruijswijk [website] voice main subject