Lesson materials

At DJAM we work with self-composed lesson materials. If you study at DJAM you have to acquire the lesson materials according to your course package. All lesson materials are in Dutch language.

The DJAM lesson materials can also be acquired by people who are not studying at DJAM. If you are interested please get in touch with our office.

Below is a list of all available DJAM lesson materials:

Lesson material theory

This book contains music-theory material necessary for the subjects Theory and Improvisation. It will be used in all DJAM levels. The book contains 230 pages.

Pdf samples:


Lesson material ear-training

This book contains melodic, harmonic en rhythmical parts. The enclosed 2 CDs [*] enable the student to work by ear only. The book contains 85 pages.

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Dictation package

Dictation Package part 1 - Tasks (the CD [*])

Dictation Package part 2 - Solutions (the book, 35 pages)

The Dictation Package (book and CD [*]) contains harmonic dictation exercises, i.e., intervals, three- and four part harmony, cadences and chord progressions. It is meant to be used independently by the student for ear training purposes.

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Lesson material improvisation

This book contains exercises (arpeggios, scales and guide tone lines) geared toward improvisation on chord progressions of some familiar Jazz standards, blues and most used cadences. The book contains 290 pages.

The exercises are given for C-, Bb- and Eb-instruments.

De oefeningen zijn genoteerd voor C-, Bb- en Eb-instrumenten.

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Combo play-a-long CDs and sheet music

In combo and improvistion classes levels 1, 2 and in main subject we work with specially composed musical pieces. This music, in addition to Jazz standards fitting the appropriate level, is available on 3 play-a-long CDs [*] and can also be used by the student to practice at home. The music on the CDs [*] is played by Christian Hassenstein and other DJAM teachers. The CDs [*] are accompanied by booklets containing the music and lyrics.

Level 1

Level 2

Use the following links to listen to samples of play-a-long CD [*] level 1:


You can choose from 2 options:

mp3 (533 KB)
RealAudio (120 KB).

To listen to these samples you need mp3-player software, i.e., "Winamp" or the player van RealAudio nodig.



DJAM provides a special study CD containing original recordings of a great number of Jazz standards which are dealt with in the lessons. Also provided is a list of all the musicians involved.

[*] FYI: all DJAM CDs (except for the Study CD) will be delivered as downloads in MP3 format via the DJAM student site. Should you prefer the disks you can pick up the CDs at the DJAM office.