Applications and vacancies

You can see on our site how our teaching staff looks like. There is not much fluctuation but occasionally we are looking for a suitable group and/or instrumental teacher.

To qualify as a teacher at DJAM you must meet the following requirements:

  • you have studied Jazz at a Conservatory
  • you have sufficient experience in teaching
  • your Dutch language skills are sufficient
  • you want to work together in a team
  • you respect and follow the DJAM curriculum
  • you improvise / play / sing Jazz at a high level (in ‘traditional’ Jazzstyles i.e., utilizing Jazzstandards)

If you’re interested in teaching at DJAM please send us an email at Add to your email the following items:

  • your resumé (in Word format or PDF, preferably in Dutch language)
  • press reviews, student testimonials, scores, compositions etc. (in Word format or PDF)
  • recordings or videos of your playing or improvising (preferably in a group context) on standard Jazz progressions, using (preferably) links to external sites (don’t send big attachments…)

Alternatively, you can snail-mail to the following address:

Polanenstraat 174
1013 WC  Amsterdam

We will contact you upon receiving your material.