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Please note: the information about DJAM on this site is complete and identical to our brochure. We expect you to read this information before signing up for the entrance exam. It can be convenient to have all the info listed in one package, ie, our brochure.

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    I will deposit the admission test fee of e 39,- into DJAM's bank account:
    ING bank, account holder: DJAM, Amsterdam
    IBAN nr: NL64INGB0006131984, BIC code: INGBNL2A
    Any bank costs involved in transferring money are for your own expense. The announcement of the date and time of the test will be emailed to you once this form and the fee has been received by DJAM. Please do check your spamfolder should you not receive a reply from us.

    The days on which the admission tests will take place in 2024 are: Sunday 23 June en Sunday 7 July. There are also reserve days in September through November for people who register later.

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