Goals and objectives

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DJAM is a private school offering training in Jazz and Contemporary Music was established in 1990. The school’s concept was developed by Christian Hassenstein and other teachers from various Dutch conservatories. With this concept, DJAM has distinguished itself in the Dutch music education scene.

DJAM offers a complete musical education with theory as well as practical lessons, which are all geared toward one another. DJAM’s teachers are experienced and highly motivated. They also work closely together.

The school’s goal is that aside from learning basic musical skills, special attention is given to developing improvisation skills and ear-training. We thereby apply structure in every student’s musical abilities, achiving a high level of musicianship in result.

The student has a choice of three different course packages with the possibility of attending main subject (instrumental) lessons. By offering courses on five levels, the program is suitable for beginners as well as advanced musicians. Through an entrance exam the level of the student is determined for every course.

The atmosphere at DJAM is often intense and personal. The number of students per class is manageable. DJAM can also be used to prepare for both the practical and theoretical parts for admission to a conservatory.

DJAM is a meeting point for people who want to play music together. Our school, like every serious musician, is in a constant state of development.

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