Auditions: individual appointments possible through November, so give us a call or mail us!

Start course year 2021/22: Sunday 3 October 2021

1st DJAM session course year 21/22: Saturday 13 November in Zaal100 in Amsterdam


Corona info: we take care of the safety during class and follow the current rules of the RIVM in the building. If you have specific questions, please contact the DJAM administration (

DJAM - School For Jazz in Amsterdam

Develop your musical talent!

Student Feedback

Marcel, guitarist: At DJAM I was able to fulfil my wish to learn to write arrangements. The teachers are all top educators with a passion for their profession. They know how to combine theory with practice, so that everything falls into place. Absolutely a course that you won't regret!

Vincent, violinist: This year I learned a lot and enjoyed all the jams and new insights in the musical field, thanks for all the fun lessons!

Noor, vocalist: I have never learned so much in one year!

Wanda, vocalist: DJAM's course will make you perfectly happy!

Jieun, guitarist: My time at DJAM completely opened my eyes (and ears) for jazz. Highly recommended if you love jazz and you want to experience the pleasure of learning jazz in an organic and effective way. The cool friends you make here is also a huge plus!

Jan-Simon, pianist: DJAM offers excellent part-time training with high quality! Your age as well as your level isn't important. You will be placed at your level and from that point they are working up. Skilled teachers who take the time for you!

Richard, saxophonist: If you want to learn how to make music at your best then DJAM is the right place for you. You get all the attention needed to really move forward.

Want To Know More?

DJAM, a private school offering training in Jazz and other contemporary styles of music, was founded in 1990. DJAM offers theory and practical lessons, which are all geared to one another. The atmosphere is intense and personal, the number of students per class is manageable.
The DJAM entrance exams will be held in June through October. They are non-committal. One condition for admission is that we recognize a natural musical ability.

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