We take care of safety in the classes and always follow the current rules of the RIVM. You must be vaccinated, cured or tested to enter DJAM. Therefore, we are currently not applying any hygienic rules inside the building.

If you have specific questions about this, please contact the DJAM administration (administratie@djam.nl).

I can't play an instrument very well yet. Can I still follow DJAM?

In principle, this is possible. DJAM offers main subject lessons for students who have not yet mastered their instrument. If you cannot read music yet, we offer special preparatory lessons. As a first step theory lessons can then be followed in combination with the main subject lessons. In cooperation with your teachers we can determine when you are ready to be placed in a combo.

Yes, you can. Sight-reading is not an essential factor at DJAM. Our opinion is that listening skills far outweigh the ability to read. Naturally for the theory lessons reading music is important and this is achieved by regularly practicing theory, rhythm and ear-training in class.

If you don't have any skills in reading music in the beginning, you can take the preparatory course 'Reading music' (3 lessons of 60 minutes) via DJAM.

Within a combo the most valuable skills are listening and communicating. Usually sheets/songs are given to you in advance, so that you have sufficient time to prepare the work at home.

Yes. You can choose for course package 2, offering you the following theory subjects: theory, improvisation, rhythm, ear-training and APM.

Note: We base our tuition concept upon complete course packages and levels. Therefore it is not appropriate or possible to choose individual subjects from those packages. Should the entrance exam show that you do not require all subjects from an entire course package we will then make the necessary adjustments.

Yes; if it appears after the entrance exam that your theory and ear-training knowledge is adequate enough to be able to join a combo, you can choose for course package 3. Here you receive only combo lessons.

The reason for the entrance exam is to test your theoretical and practical knowledge in music. This ensures that you are placed in a group appropriate to your level or skill, therefore optimizing and enhancing your learning capacity.

This varies per subject, for instance within a combo the average amount is 6, in APM up to 20 and in the theory and ear-training classes between 5 and 15 students.

You will receive diplomas after completion of DJAM. This is for theory phase 1 (theory subjects completed up to and including level 3) and phase 2 (theory completed as advanced). For combo you will receive a diploma when you have completed combo level advanced.

DJAM can also give you preparatory assistance for the conservatory entrance examinations. Note: Our experience shows that a certificate is only necessary for teaching at an authorized music school. Being a good musician does not require an official document.

DJAM has its own character and has developed a unique method in teaching music. We are proud of our independence and have no need of a third party, which makes our decisions and applies rules. Our focus is to aid the individual artist in developing their skill by offering a comprehensive study unlike conventional teaching methods. Music institutes which rely on governmental guidelines are often more directed at a professional career and are less in-depth.

Our objective is that talented musicians (beginners and advanced) should have the opportunity to enjoy studying music at an intensified level. Ultimately by developing their musical instrument, they are then able to hold their own at a high musical level. The most important aspects are:

  • developing sufficient instrument technique
  • increasing knowledge of theory and ear-training
  • enabling the possibilty to play within a band

The DJAM main subject lessons are of course meant to support the DJAM group lessons. However, if our teachers still have spots available, you can also take main subject lessons only.

DJAM is a private teaching institute and therefore if you study with us you are not qualified to get a Dutch visa. For more information regarding this matter, we advise you to contact the Dutch Embassy.

FYI: Unfortunately, we cannot offer help in finding suitable accommodation for foreign students.

DJAM is actually renting its teaching space only for the time of the classes and is not in the position to provide space to students for extra activities. For inquiries into availability and conditions of practice space please call the Polanentheater, tel. 020 - 682 13 11.

We know that finding appropriate housing for musicians is difficult; unfortunately we can't offer any help in this matter.

In principle, all classes are held in Dutch. However, main subject lessons and combo can also be taught in English by request. For the theory lessons this is not possible, because our teaching material is written in Dutch. A translation would take too much time. We suggest to form study groups with other students to repeat the lessons in case of language problems.

The best solution is to learn the Dutch language. We advise to attend language courses in advance and/or to move to Holland some time before starting to study. In the beginning, understanding the language is all you need. With English you can communicate well in everyday life.