Scheduling/time preferences

We try to take each person's preferences into consideration when drawing up the schedules. We therefore ask you to indicate your preferences clearly on the registration form.

Indicate which options you prefer:

  • a) no preferences
  • b) three out of the four school days on which you are available
  • (the school days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • c) weekend and/or the evening classes during the week
    (for those who have full&endash;time commitments in addition to their studies)

In option b) we ask that you give us 3 preference days to give us some flexibility while making the schedule. This does not mean that your classes will be spread out over these 3 days. If you indicate less than three days, you run the risk of getting a schedule that deviates from your choices. There's no point indicating specific hours or parts of the day you choose. People who choose course package 1 or 2 should bear in mind that their lessons may be spread over two days.

Should we be unable to meet every student's wishes (concerning the scheduling of days), then we will call those concerned and try to find another solution.

The schedules can be picked up in the beginning of September. Schedules based on the choices a student has made on the registration form are basically fixed and cannot be changed. However, if we are convinced that there is a pressing reason for such a change (and if indeed such a change is still possible) then it can be arranged for the administrative fee of euro 25,-.